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Did you know that over 266 million people in the world are native Spanish speakers, and that this makes it the second most spoken language in the world today? At the end of the 19th century there were 60 million Spanish speakers. Today, nearly 500 million people across the world speak Spanish!

• Spanish is the Official language in 22 countries worldwide.

• Official language in the EU, UNESCO, UN, GATT, ONUDI & UIT.

• Over 16,000 publications, 250 TV channels, 5,000 radio stations - all in Spanish.

• Fastest growing language in the USA (over 30 million people speak it).

• Spanish is frequentely used for business.

• Many masterpieces of universal literature are written in Spanish: Don Quijote de la Mancha, La celestina, La casa de Bernarda Alba, Cien años de soledad, etc.

• The demand to learn Spanish has doubled in the last 10 years (it is projected that in the next 15 years about 10% of the world population will speak Spanish).

• The tourism industry is very strong in Spain. Every year over 55 million tourists visit Spain and you might be one of them. So the knowledge of Spanish gives you an opportunity to enjoy, to the fullest, discovering all the wonders of Spain.

Spanish is not only an incredibly useful language, but it is also great fun to learn. I am a teacher with over 20 years of Spanish teaching experience, and I would be happy to put my expertise and experience in this field at your disposal in order to make your Spanish lessons effective and enjoyable.