Spanish Tuition for Groups

Level 2 Intermediate Spanish, 30 hours (2 hours per week)

The focus at this level is to build upon the basic Spanish knowledge you will have assimilated as a beginner. To this end, sentence structures will become slightly more complex and your Spanish vocabulary will increase accordingly.

A selection of what you will learn on this intermediate Spanish course:

Describing your house and the are in which you live.

Introducing verbs in the present tense.

Broadening you ability to make descriptions. Explaining adjectives and their use.

Writing a postcard.

Talking about your daily routine.

Reading exercises involving short stories to increase vocabulary and comprehension.

Describing a member of your family or your best friend.

Introducing short written pieces to be translated.

Shopping for clothes and related Spanish vocabulary.

Introducing listening material (only material recorded by native Spanish speakers is used).

A small amount of homework is set on a weekly basis in order for the student to practise their Spanish outside lesson hours.