Spanish Tuition for Groups

Level 3 – Higher Intermediate Spanish, 30 hours (2 hours per week)

At this level the students are expected to have a good grasp of the Spanish language. This course will continue to develop students’ comprehension and also increase their Spanish vocabulary by introducing more complex topics for discussion and also tackling more advanced grammatical structures.

A selection of what you will learn on this higher intermediate Spanish course:

• Describing your job and your place of work.

• Using the past tenses (preterite and imperfect), future and conditional.

• Holidays – last year, this year and next year!

• Leisure activities and free time.

• Health and the human body.

• Visiting the doctor.

• Leaving a message on an answer phone.

• Accepting and refusing requests.

• Extending and invitation.

• Going to the cinema.

• Hiring a car.

• Buying or renting a property in Spain.

• Short stories for reading comprehension and translation exercises.

Regular homework is set in order to maintain and develop the student’s abilities.