A Level Spanish Examinations

A-level Spanish Course Topics

A-level Spanish lessons will cover the following areas:

All required grammar as per the specific A & AS-level Spanish syllabuses.

Revision and consolidation of oral topics. Help can be provided to research material chosen for oral topics. More complex Spanish vocabulary and grammatical structures are introduced pertaining to the specific topics.

Topic areas will also be incorporated into reading, writing and translation exercises. Current affairs, the environment, global events, family life and working life are but a short selection of the topics broached.

Listening comprehension is perfected by regular comprehension sessions using advanced audio material recorded only by native Spanish speakers.

Essays in different topics and using different language registers will guarantee the development of writing skills.

Topics and literary texts. Students will be helped to revise for these subjects. All doubts will be clarified and if necessary, guidance will be provided in order to obtain relevant information to carry out, develop and complete what its required at this level in terms of literary analysis or topical comprehension.

Every course will focus on the specific needs of the student. The main aim is to present a well-structured Spanish learning programme which will cover all the aspects of the AS and A-level syllabus so that the student can feel fully-prepared and confident when he/she comes to sit the Spanish exam.