GCSE Spanish Examinations

GCSE Spanish Course Topics

All the GCSE Spanish courses will focus on the requirements set out by the syllabus of the chosen examining board.

GCSE Spanish lessons will cover the following areas:

• All grammar requirements for the GCSE Spanish qualification (as per the specific syllabus).

• Revision and consolidation of oral topics, role plays and general oral practice. Improvement and correction of pronunciation.

• Listening exercises, using only material recorded by native Spanish speakers.

• Writing practice employing a good range of Spanish vocabulary and adequate linguistic structures.

• Reading exercises will improve Spanish vocabulary as well as expand the student’s level of comprehension.

Every Spanish course will focus on the specific needs of the student. The main aims include to increase the student’s confidence in their Spanish abilities and clarify all doubts. In all instances, past Spanish examination papers are used as a means to prepare for final exams, as well as academically recognised Spanish text books. Should you already be working with a specific Spanish text book, this can also be incorporated into the course structure.